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Update to the Missouri Miracle Story from Last Month.

70 charges (of Forcible Sodomy) have now been filed against Michael Devlin, the Child Predator caught last month in suburban St. Louis.

Bill O'Reilly stated that Shawn Hornbeck, one of the kidnapping victims, "liked it" when referring to his treatment by his captor.

Now I think it is time for Bill O'Reilly to be removed.

I stated earlier that (at the very least) an apology was in order. But since we are unlikely to get that from him or Fox News, he should resign or be removed from his position.

Corporations who support Fox News with their advertising dollars have to decide if they support O'Reilly's statement or not. By continuing to advertise with Fox (while O'Reilly is there) then they affirm, by their inaction, that they implicitly support his statement.

By removing their ads from the network, they would make it clear that they stand against O'Reilly's statement.

Perhaps we should start making a list of all of those corporations who give Fox News their advertising dollars....particularly during the O'Reilly time slot.

We certainly can't rely on the Nazi's who run Fox News to do the right thing... They have no moral character or moral integrity whatsoever. They are not even a legitimate Professional news organization for that matter.

Update also available here.

My original Diary regarding Bill O'Reilly.

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Originally posted to Mirror On America on Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 03:33 PM PST.

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  •  Better yet (8+ / 0-)

    expose him for what he is and hang him around the neck of NewsCorp. Use Billy to discredit hthe company even further than they have been.

    "I was Rambo in the disco. I was shootin' to the beat. When they burned me in effigy. My vacation was complete." Neil Young. Mideast Vacation.

    by Mike S on Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 03:33:43 PM PST

  •  If he was a normal, decent human being, (13+ / 0-)

    O'Reilly would be issuing an apology for the things he said. But we all know he's not.
    I saw a news article at the internet movie database that says that Lowe's has removed their advertising from his show. Because people contacted them.

  •  Hope KO caught this (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    rapala, klamothe, Temmoku, Phil N DeBlanc

    He's really been after Bill Orally for the comments about Shawn Hornbeck...

  •  Leave Him On (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Mike S, sandmancan, mango

    Leave him on the air.  He does more damage to his supposed cause on the air.

    hE will one day be a pathetic, deflated, baloon that will crash like the Hindenburg.

    And of course keep exposing him.  


  •  Republicans always blame the victims. Remember (4+ / 0-)


  •  Billo is an embarrassment (9+ / 0-)

    to fucktards the world over.

    "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." John Lennon

    by trashablanca on Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 03:40:56 PM PST

  •  I don't listen to him, so I don't know (0+ / 0-)

    about this comment, but expressing a desire to see someone removed from the air because you don't like what he says, seems just a bit extreme.

    Is this really the precedent we want to set?

    •  O'Reilly claimed that a kidnapped rape victim (7+ / 0-)

      stayed with his abuser because he was having fun.
      Sorry, that sort of talk doesn't belong in decent company.

    •  ...YES! (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      shayera, jfadden

      ...Read the diary again.  

    •  NoBigGovernment (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      shayera, jfadden, sandmancan

      Please take the time to find out what is going on...

      •  I know exactly what is going on (0+ / 0-)

        He says something you dont like (I happen not to like it too), and you want to take away his right to say it.

        You want him "removed from his position" if you agree with this diary, which you appear to. So you are against the consititution.

        Do I have it right?

        •  He can say whatever he wants to. (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:

          I happen to think that maybe he shouldn't be rewarded for practicing his particular brand of free speech with a lucrative contract and a cable news soapbox.  

          •  Well, now I'm confused (0+ / 0-)

            Are you suggesting he should be taken off the air because of his speach, or not?

            You seem a bit noncommitle. Should he, or should he not, lose his right to freely speak on his own show?

            My bet is you will not answer this question. Either answer would make you very uncomfortable. That's the problem with people who believe in free speach, so long as they agree with what's being said.

            •  I believe (0+ / 0-)

              in free speech.  I've never heard of 'speach'.  What I'm talking about is the freedom of the marketplace, which you right wingers are always blathering about.  If enough people think O'Reilly is an asshole and they tell his sponsors that they will no longer purchase their goods and/or services because they do not wish to reward him for being an asshole, then the almighty market will decide whether or not he keeps his job.  

              I can see from your comment history that you are a contrarian, and I don't wish to take up any more of my limited free time splitting hairs with the likes of you.  

              You lost your bet.  And FYI - it's 'noncommittal'.  

              •  I give you credit (0+ / 0-)

                for replying. And by the way, right winger is probably the nicest thing I've ever been called here at Kos.

                On the chance that you will read this, here is how the market works.

                People watch a show, it is successful. People don't watch a show, the show get's cancelled. People who don't watch a show and complain about it, nothing happens.

                And thanks for the spelling lesson. I knew that looked wrong when I wrote it, but it was late.

                •  Gee, how swell of you (0+ / 0-)

                  to give little ol' me credit.

                  Here's how the TV market works - networks develop shows and then advertisers pay to buy time during the shows.  If the advertisers hear from  enough people who will not buy their shit because of a blowhard whose hate speech they are condoning by purchasing ad time during its run, the advertisers don't buy more time.  If the advertisers dry up, the show gets moved into a less lucrative time slot or even cancelled.  I have no problem contacting the O'Reilly Factor's advertisers and tell them that I won't purchase their products because Falafel Bill is a hateful, spiteful, horrible man (and a liar, to boot) who said that a young boy who was sexually terrorized by some sick freak was having fun and didn't want to escape, and I refuse to support that flavor of speech with my hard-earned dollars.  End of story.  Let the market work.

                  And by the way, right winger is probably the nicest thing I've ever been called here at Kos.

                  I personally don't usually go for ad hominem attacks. Perhaps if your tone was less patronizing people would be nicer to you.  Or do you collect insults like trophys?  Whatever gets you through the night.  

  •  it isn't his opinions... (5+ / 0-)

    that I object to, though, if he has any, I probably don't share them.  It's his hysterical bigotries, his lies and his character assasinations that I think should result in his dismissal, even from Fox.

    •  I would say that (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      hysterical bigotries, lies and character assinination are in the eyes of the beholder to a good degree.

      Are you really sure you want to open that door and set that precedent? I daresay that conservatives could find similar things to say about people you have great respect for.

      I think the current situtation of free speech is better. Everyone can say what they want. Of course if you'd like to institute the content police I'm sure there are any number of people who would sign up for that position. No doubt that would be OK with you so long as you could choose police.

  •  Stop tuning in to O'LIElly! He's just a paid (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    shayera, mango, Temmoku

    hack, doing a stand-up routine that's made him millions.  He doesn't even believe what he's saying most of the time - he just uses his time-slot to do as he's told by Faux Noise.

    Boycott Faux Noise and all their sponsors and STOP TUNING IN TO O'LIELLY!  He's doing what he's doing for the RATINGS.  Don't help him by tuning in!  And his trashy show, focusing on children being raped, is just that.  TRASH.  

    O'Lielly's there to change the subject away from any real news.  Like Bu$hCo's war for Big Oil in Iraq and Rethuglicans blocking legislation to STOP IT.

    Billy Boy's gonna roast in hell right along with Georgie Boy, so don't worry about him.

    •  Amen (1+ / 2-)
      Recommended by:
      Hidden by:
      shayera, totallynext

      stop watching him if you don't like him. That way his ratings will drop and he will be replaced. Unless there are still a lot of people that watch him, in which case he will stay. Or, maybe he can move to NPR so that our tax dollars can support him so that he won't have to have a large enough audience to support his show.

      Then again maybe people who are against free speech will roast in hell with the communists.


      •  Wow, (0+ / 0-)

        so, my guess is, a cross a'fire is okay with you, too?  Free speech and all, right?

        A burro is an ass. A burrow is a hole in the ground. Now can you tell the difference?

        by second gen on Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 05:59:39 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  Yup (0+ / 0-)

          just like burning a flag. Doesn't hurt me, doesn't hurt you.

          You start drawing a line, and you're in trouble.

          Free speach is free speach. You don't always have to agree with it. You can proclaim your disdain for it. In fact, I encourage you too. That's free speech too. In fact, I may join you in this instance, but that doesn't change the fact that its still free speach.

          You can't proclaim the right of free speach only when you agree with what is being said.

          That is the hight of hypocrisy.

  •  I am suprised that this has not gotten (0+ / 0-)

    more criticism in the media. No one seems to have called O'Reilly on his offensive comment. I am suprised that the Hornbeck family has not released a statement condemning him. For DC related travel advice, please visit that link.

    by jiacinto on Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 07:02:14 PM PST

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