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I disagree with many here on Rahm Emanuel.  I see him primarily as a guy who wants to win, by any means necessary, not as a guy who is fighting for some kind of centrist or anti-netroots agenda.

That being said, although I will always be grateful for Carville's role in helping Bill Clinton win in 1992, his behavior since then has been of little use to national democrats, and counterproductive for the most part.

And now, as Kos documents on the front page, he seems to be hankering for a war against Howard Dean.

If he wants a war, I think it's appropriate that we kneecap him before he gets started.  Woodward's new book revealed that Carville is a traitor to the Democrats, and it's time for everyone to take note:

On page 344, Woodward describes the doings at the White House in the early morning hours of Wednesday, the day after the '04 election.

Apparently, Kerry had decided not to concede. There were 250,000 outstanding ballots in Ohio.

So Kerry decides to fight. In fact, he considers going to Ohio to camp out with his voters until there is a recount. This is the last thing the White House needs, especially after Florida 2000.

So what happened?

James Carville gets on the phone with his wife, Mary Matalin, who is at the White House with Bush.

"Carville told her he had some inside news. The Kerry campaign was going to challenge the provisional ballots in Ohio -- perhaps up to 250,000 of them. 'I don't agree with it, Carville said. I'm just telling you that's what they're talking about.'

"Matalin went to Cheney to report...You better tell the President Cheney told her."

Matalin does, advising Bush that "somebody in authority needed to get in touch with J. Kenneth Blackwell, the Republican Secretary of State in Ohio who would be in charge of any challenge to the provisional votes." An SOS goes out to Blackwell.

The rest is history.

Does something about this story stink to high heaven!

The guy's a traitor.  The last thing he should be doing is offering advice to Democrats on who should be head of the DNC.

Originally posted to pontificator on Fri Nov 10, 2006 at 12:13 PM PST.

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